Friday, 21 March 2014

Traffic a religion - it's all about belief

With all the furore surrounding the proposed trial scheme for Fishponds Road, it has certainly given me food for thought.

There are a not an insignificant number of residents in and around Tooting, who hold the belief that the scheme is crazy, a waste of money, and will cause even more congestion and potentially loss of business for local shop keepers. 

I respect their right to hold that belief.

However, I hold a different belief. One that challenges and questions their belief. This means that the debate is no longer held on rational grounds, but on emotional ones. To question the status quo, and suggest that there is a better way is threatening, and can lead to further questions as to what else could be different.

I believe that when there are differing views, which can be tested in the real world, it is right and proper to put them to the test. 

A lady I was speaking with last weekend within the trial area, who opposes the scheme, commented:

"It's all fine you talking about the theory, but I'm talking about practical issues. There will be congestion, it will be a nightmare."
Trying to explain that the very purpose of conducting a trial, is to move from the theory to the practical, was lost in that moment. Below are some more examples, of where similar schemes have been implemented, in other parts of London.

Towards Colliers Wood:

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Off Fulham Palace Road:

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Famous Goldsmiths Row:

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These are London examples. Not from another country, not even from other parts of the UK. Just a few miles away. Some have been in for years. The first example from Colliers Wood isn't as high quality as the Goldsmiths Row one, but it's exactly the same principle.

The Fulham Palace Road, is perhaps more relevant to Tooting, as there are a good number of shops there too. 

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  1. For some people, the merest thought about not being able to use their cars is somehow an ultimate horror for them.

    I get the letters week in week out from people worried about rat running and speeding in their street and from people complaining about congestion, "slow" traffic lights and so on.

    I guess one person's rat run is another person's journey to work. If we try to be objective and present facts and get nowhere, then perhaps we need to be emotional in return.

    I do drive and I do curse being stuck in traffic, but I try and target my journey times away from peak. I know some people don't have a viable alternative. But, every street I have been to or through which limits traffic in the way you are trying to get off the ground has been so utterly calm, I cannot understand who within these quiet areas would ever be against the idea.

    Mind you...