Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tooting Broadway - ideas for further discussion

A few years ago I recognised that not only is Tooting Broadway a horrifically dangerous spot. See if you are in any doubt. But, more to the point, the recognition of this danger was screaming out for action to be taken.

So with the support of members of Wandsworth Cycling Campaign, and Wandsworth Living Streets, I came up with a new proposed layout for Tooting Town Centre. I'm no highway engineer, but I do think the amount of space dedicated for motor traffic in our town centre is way out of proportion to the benefits that taking all that space away from people presents.

The low-res visual above, you can view in higher resolution in the pdf links below. The Cyan cycle routes, are 2m wide to give you an idea of scale. The width of the motor traffic lanes are 3m.

In October 2012 I was invited to present my ideas to the Town Centre Partnership.

I put together this report - Enhancing Tooting Town Centre.
I took this presentation with me, and presented these ideas of layouts for Tooting Town Centre.

PDF high resolution visuals:
Tooting Town Centre - Broadway heading north along Upper Tooting Road
Tooting Town Centre - Broadway heading east along Mitcham Road

The Tooting Labour team have recently sent out literature calling for a re-design of the town centre, which I'm really pleased about. It seems unfortunate that they have had to wait for an election to be approaching to start to look at the issue.

I'll be standing with the local Lib Dem team at the coming local elections. Making our streets safer isn't an issue which only comes up at election time. It should be a constant work in progress to improve our street environment.

Take a look at the report, and proposed layouts for discussion. Be interested to know your thoughts.

PS If you haven't already seen the latest petition to fix Tooting High Street, check it out here, and be really grateful if you could sign up and support it.

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