Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bikehangars coming to Wandsworth for Xmas!

Soon to be up on Wandsworth's Council website (link to follow). The Bikehangars which are becoming more and more common in neighbouring Lambeth are due to make a start on Wandsworth's streets hopefully before Christmas!

An initial 10 will be placed around the borough in locations where there is greatest demand. Over 200 people have already registered their interest via, and their details have been passed to the council for consideration.

If you really, really would like to have one on your street then ask any of your cycling neighbours to register via the link above, but also to email with your address, and a brief explanation why this would be so useful.

Would also do no harm to copy in your newly elected/re-elected councillors, so that they are aware of this need/demand from their residents. Not sure who your councillors are, then follow this link and you can get their email addresses.


  1. Great news! Any idea when we'll hear what locations have been selected?

    1. Hi Jenny, we'll need to wait for the council to formally announce it first. Then officers will have to select the locations, I would imagine they will go for the areas of strongest demand first.