Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Demand growing with local #Space4Cycling petitions

I haven't blogged in a while, and thought I should write a brief update as to how we are doing with our local #Space4Cycling or safer streets petitions. They all tie in nicely with what the London Cycling Campaign policies for the 2014 local elections, see more on those details here.

Fishponds Road - was presented to council in July 2012. I'm hoping that it'll go back to committee on the 19th November. Agenda for that should be published on the 11th or 12th November. Fingers crossed on that one as it'll be a first locally. Assuming that this one hits the ground it'll go a long way to achieving the "No through-motor-traffic zones, & Safer cycle routes to school" themes mentioned on the space4cycling.org website.

Protected space on main roads (LCC theme)

Let's make Mitcham Lane safe for all - as I'm typing this we've got just shy of 500 people who've signed it. It's going to be presented to the council and to the Mayor of London on the 4th December.

No through-motor-traffic zones (LCC theme)

Better, safer streets for Clapham Common - Now over the 200 mark, with a target to reach of 1000. As you can see from the stuff above and below, I've been a little busy on other things so this one is ticking up albeit a little slower.

No through-motor-traffic zones, & Safer cycle routes to school (LCC themes)

Better, safer, people-friendly streets for Smallwood Road / Fountain Road residents - Currently this has just over 220 people who have signed the petition. The headmaster of Smallwood Primary School has expressed his support, and when I've been door-knocking over 80% of people asked are happy to support this petition.

A safer Elmbourne Road and Dr Johnson Avenue (Tooting Common) - Just shy of 200 on 179 at the moment. The proposal for Dr Johnson Avenue ties in very much with the Greenways that Andrew Gilligan has been talking about. So I'm optimistic that we'll at least be able to have a trial, or feasibility study of some sort.

20mph speed limits (LCC theme)

Safer, people-friendly streets for Wandsworth - 20mph is plenty - only just gone live as of a few days ago. The council is moving too slowly on this in my opinion, and that of quite a number of local civic society groups. Hence the call for a borough-wide consultation. All the evidence shows that it would be strongly supported, so if this is the first you've heard about it, please do sign!

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