Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Parking in Wandsworth / Tooting

Parking, let's face it, it's a frequent issue which crops up locally (and isn't exclusively a problem limited to Wandsworth). Usually the main issue is that there seems to never be enough space, or at least there isn't right where you want it.

Given these concerns any changes to our streets which involve modifying the current parking arrangements can be fraught. Fortunately for local residents, if you are of the shrinking number who do own or purchase a car, Wandsworth council can facilitate residents' car parking permits where needed. Or, in certain parts of the borough, you can park your car without any further charges required.

See full specs here:

Sadly the same is not yet true if you would like to own a bicycle and park it on the street near your home.

Fortunately Wandsworth council is sympathetic to the needs of people who would like to have the facility shown in the picture above. I'm hopeful that soon they will be a normal part of our streetscape in Wandsworth.

But, to get just a couple of these lockers onto our streets, local residents currently need to get the support of around 25% of their street.

Seems a bit of an overkill to me, as I could buy a car and take up a car parking space without asking any of my neighbours. But to be able to park my bike on the street in either a locker like this, or indeed just having some bike stands on the carriageway requires quite a bit more effort, at present.

There is significant demand for these lockers. Lambeth who have initiated the scheme now have 40 on their streets, with lots more demand. As people see them, they are interested to know how they can have one near their homes.

I'm optimistic that soon, i.e. once the initial few petitions have gone through, Wandsworth council will be able to include the request for bike parking in the same way that residents can request a car parking permit.

Ultimately irrespective of how we travel, the ability to park our vehicles in our streets should not be purely the reserve for private motorised vehicles.

Whilst officially Wandsworth council policy is not to favour any mode of transport over another, the efforts required for parking of one vehicle when compared to others suggest otherwise.


  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for posting this excellent article. I fully agree, these bike storage facilities are great. We have a real bike storage issue in our house. It would be wonderful if they were mainstream across South West London. I will be petitioning my street in Merton. I have already mentionned these bike storage units to Merton council a few times.

    By the way, there is a petition to promote cycling by implementing the recommendations in the April 'Get Britain Cycling' report. Would be great to sign it, almost 70,000 signatures already!


    1. Hi Richard,

      LCC have now come up with this template where you can request these bike lockers and they are able to collate the details and assist the council with policy details etc. Think they should have a general blogpost on their site soon, but in the meantime, there is the link below re: Wandsworth.

    2. PS I've been heavily pushing the Get Britain Cycling petition. Always good to remind people though. Have got a link at the top right hand side of the blog.