Monday, 19 March 2012

Cycle incident report or shared path on Tooting Common?

Local readers may have seen that recently the white lines on the shared (pedestrian/cyclist) path alongside Tooting common have been re-done. 

On viewing the original picture my girlfriend commented that it looks just like someone has done a drawing after having had a collision and is trying to explain how it occurred.

It could go something like this: 

I was cycling along on the marked side of the shared route one morning. There were people walking along too, as it was a nice day, when suddenly I had to take evasive action to miss a pedestrian who was walking towards me.

Unfortunately there was another cyclist on the other side which is where the collision happened.

Don't know about you, but I think that the path is really quite narrow to warrant having a line separating it down the middle. Given that the council doesn't seem to know if they want cyclists on the east or west side of the path, perhaps it would be easier to have something like this without a separating line instead?

Oh and if anyone from the council sees this, doing something about the potholes and general breaking up of the path surface would be appreciated.

Think that it could be due to the parks maintenance vehicles which drive up and down the path. Perhaps lighter vehicles could be used, or better foundations for the path could be done. Walking/cycling results in very little wear & tear.

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